Wisconsin’s Most Impressive Architecture

Wisconsin is no stranger to exceptional achievements in architecture. Historic homes and buildings, as well as avant-garde modern structures abound here, adding another dimension of character to the Badger State.

If you are looking for the most Instagram-worthy places to visit in Wisconsin, this list of Wisconsin landmarks will give you a good head start:

The Apostle Islands Lighthouses
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is home to a proud collection of historic lighthouses – six of which were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, collectively known as the Apostle Islands Lighthouses. These included the two lighthouses on Michigan Island (built in 1857) and those located on Raspberry Island (1862), Outer Island (1874), Sand Island (1881), and Devil’s Island (1891).

Black Point Estate and Gardens
Lake Geneva, WI

This magnificent summer mansion is a beautifully preserved icon of the earliest days of Lake Geneva’s historic reputation as an opulent summer getaway destination. Built in 1888 in the eye-catching Queen Anne style, the Black Point Estate is hard to miss against a backdrop of mature foliage and clear blue skies.

In addition to the stunning summer cottage, the estate also features a lovely garden area and event lawn.

Trips to this architectural and historic landmark are available exclusively via private tours courtesy of the Lake Geneva Cruise Line.

Dell’s Mill
Augusta, WI

See what life in Augusta was like back in its days as a grain and flour production center. Built in 1864, Dell’s Mill used to be a popular gathering place among the area’s farmers, where bonds across the community were made as they waited for their grinding to be done.

Dell’s Mill now houses a museum that operates from May through October. Even if you visit during the winter and early spring months, the place will give you plenty of picturesque views and angles of the structure and its unique features like the dam and water wheel.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin
South of Spring Green, WI

Frank Lloyd Wright left a lasting legacy in American architecture, so it is only fitting that his estate belongs in a list of Wisconsin’s finest architectural landmarks.

Home, studio, and sanctuary to one of Wisconsin’s favorite sons, the Taliesin is recognized not only in the Badger State. In addition to being listed on the United States’ National Register of Historic Places and designated as a National Historic Landmark, it is known around the world as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Taliesin is now open for a variety of guided tours, ranging from in-depth tours around the entire estate and more condensed highlight tours designed for visitors of different ages.

If the Taliesin caught your interest and curiosity, you can also sign up for a two-day tour from Madison to Racine that takes you to Wright’s best-known creations in the state.

The House on the Rock
Between Dodgeville and Spring Green, WI

This off-beat tourist attraction simply defies explanation – from its eclectic selection of buildings and exhibit rooms, to the varying stories behind its history. But this takes nothing away from the House on the Rock’s reputation as one of Wisconsin’s architectural marvels.

The building features a total of 14 exhibit rooms, with attractions ranging from model airplanes and miniature circus displays, to a 200-foot-tall “sea monster.”” The place really goes from interesting to flat-out weird rather quickly.

But the main highlight every visitor must see is the Infinity Room. Extending 218 feet out and suspended over verdant tree tops without any supporting structures underneath, this remarkable structure is sure to make hearts race.

MecikalskiStovewood Building
Pelican Lake, Schoepke, WI

This National Historical Site effectively preserves and showcases a definitively American house construction. Featuring eighteen-inch sections of cedar logs laid out to resemble a stacked woodpile, stovewood architecture is distinct from log cabins where the timber runs the entire length of the walls.

The Mecikalski Building is notable for its sheer size, which provides a prominent canvas to showcase the distinctive architectural style. Its multiple functions as both personal and commercial properties also make it a genuine artifact that is particularly relevant to Wisconsin history and culture.

The Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI

Named after German-American brewer Frederick Pabst – the man behind one of the most popular beer brands in the United States – this historic concert and performance venue was built in 1895. Hosting around 100 events every year to this day, Milwaukee’s “Grand Olde Lady” is currently the fourth oldest continuously operating theater in the country.

The 1,300-seat facility owes its outstanding acoustic qualities to its German opera house-influenced interior design. A stunning two-ton Austrian crystal chandelier hangs over the auditorium to add a sophisticated focal point to complement the main stage. Outside, its German Renaissance Revival-style construction is a highlight of the East Wells streetscape.

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