Why You Should Consider Buying a Permanent Home in Wisconsin’s Bayfield and Ashland Counties


  • For a change of scenery, the Bayfield and Ashland Counties are your top choices. Filled with open spaces and rolling hills, these two counties are perfect for any nature enthusiast.
  • The Bayfield and Ashland Counties provide countless opportunities for you to experience awesome outdoor adventures. Go camping, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and have a whale of a time!
  • There’s no better time to buy Bayfield or Ashland, WI real estate than now! Have a local agent to guide you through the entire buying process today.

The Need for Certainty in an Uncertain World

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even as we deal with strife and uncertainty, and adjust to an ever-evolving “new normal” across America, we must reflect upon the extraordinary times we live in. We must remain mindful of one collective aspiration – the opportunity to build an equitable way of life for our community and ourselves.

As we return to offices and other places of business and resume life outside the home, let us not forget all that we learned about our capacities when we sheltered in place. Perhaps our home improvement plans can now be adjusted to accommodate fresh requirements we discovered while we stayed home – like the need for privacy for every member of the family.

Or city folk who felt stifled in boxy apartments may now think about moving out of the bigger metropolises to smaller communities, especially for those whose jobs allow them to work from home.

Where to Go

There are plenty of places to consider if you want wide, open spaces.

Northern Wisconsin, for example, offers a dramatic change of scenery if you’re used to the density of big cities. Trade in packed skyscrapers for rolling hills. Opt for the shimmer of lakes, instead of the shimmer of heat rising from city pavements. Look forward to the sound of rushing streams instead of a rush hour commute.

Northern Wisconsin is your clarion call. Search through Ashland, WI real estate or Bayfield, WI real estate for homes and neighborhoods tailored just for you. If your real estate aspirations mean building a custom home, consider looking up Bayfield, WI land for sale.

Now Is the Time

If financing rates were any indication, now would be an opportune time to bring your home buying plans back on track. Look through properties in the areas mentioned above.

Contact a local Realtor to help you out. Ask questions and do not be afraid to voice your concerns. An agent that is worth their salt will patiently walk you through your options, based on your needs and your real estate goals. Inquire about the possibility of a private showing. If you can not make a personal appearance, broach the idea of a live walkthrough on some of the properties via Facebook or related apps if location allows.

These options apply to home sellers as well. Marketing properties to buyers with Live Tour Platforms and 3D Floor plans is a great way to get properties listed quickly.

For areas where private showings are allowed, buyers should follow health and safety protocols, and abide by state guidelines. Avoid in-person showings if there are occupants belonging to a vulnerable age group.

Sellers hosting a private showing should remain just as careful. They should wipe down surfaces before and after a showing. Provide disposable shoe covers and hand sanitizers.

Sellers should also offer to open cupboards, closets, and kitchen drawers so buyers can avoid touching surfaces.

Vacation Destinations You Can Call Home

If you want to move out of the big city but do not want to miss out on the amenities you’ve been used to, a vacation destination may just be for you. A tourist area means the presence of more amenities you can enjoy like eateries, shops, and leisure facilities.

You do not just get the perks, you also get to live permanently in an idyllic location. Smaller and closer-knit communities offer a greater sense of security when it comes to helping each other out in times of need or emergencies.

Ashland and Bayfield Counties in Northern Wisconsin are two such places. Located along Lake Superior, both counties offer year-round, outdoor recreation, along with an array of cultural, historical, and leisure attractions people of all ages will enjoy.

Look to Bayfield, WI realty for opportunities to settle in these areas. Except for high season, these areas offer residents the peace and quiet they want. They are certainly ideal for freelancers, employees who can work remotely, or those wishing to establish a new enterprise or learn a new trade.

Things to do in Bayfield and Ashland Counties, Wisconsin

If you love spending time outdoors and soaking in the scenery, both Bayfield and Ashland County offer easy access to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, which features 21 islands, Lake Superior and the beautiful Big Bay State Park located on Madeline Island.

These islands are perfect for those looking forward to a relaxing weekend getaway of camping and fishing. Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to find many campgrounds with boat docks providing access to waters popular for trout and salmon fishing. Other activities such as hunting and scuba diving are also allowed near some islands, but will require visitors to obtain permits.

You can reach the islands via kayak with local guides or by taking a charter or excursion boat from Bayfield. Lake Superior conditions are much different than your typical inland lake, so safety is key! There is also a regularly scheduled ferry that runs to and from Madeline Island all Summer long and until the Lake freezes over.

If you are more into winter sports, the American Birkebeiner Cross Country Ski Race in nearby Hayward brings ski superstars from around the world. The “Birkie Trail,” a scenic 100-kilometer trail system, draws countless skiers, bikers, hikers, trail runners, and outdoor lovers each year.

Another terrific winter destination is Mt. Ashwabay in Bayfield, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay and the Apostle Islands. The mountain is home to a network of 12 alpine runs spanning over 40 kilometers of cross country trails across more than 65 acres. Other great activities offered at Mt. Ashwabay include fat tire biking, hiking, skijoring, and snowshoeing.

8 Communities to Consider

If Wisconsin’s Ashland and Bayfield Counties sound like the kind of place you’d like to move to, here are eight communities you may want to consider:

  1. Ashland, WI
    Nestled on the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior, Ashland, WI is a city that offers a small town feel with big city advantages. A port city on Lake Superior, Ashland offers an outstanding quality of life, with its relaxing family-friendly environment, superb outdoor venues, and top-quality schools.Ashland is home to many terrific local destinations, such as Whittlesey Creek Refuge, the Ashland Historical Museum, and the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center. The city’s vibrant area, meanwhile, features elegant brownstone buildings, the Ashland Mural Walk, and a great selection of shops and restaurants.

    Most of the groceries and dining venues are smaller and local in Ashland, although you’ll still be able to find national chains such as Culver’s, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart. Sourcing local keeps the money in the communities, which is what helps to make the Northwest Wisconsin region idyllic.

    Ashland is an ideal place to live for anyone looking forward to living a more active lifestyle. There’s a ten-mile-plus loop around Ashland that’s perfect for hiking and mountain biking. In case you need to take a break, the scenic loop features relaxing destinations along the way, such as Prentice Park and Maslowski Beach.

    The city of Ashland boasts many unique homes that will be able to accommodate any type of lifestyle or budget. You can find log homes with outbuildings, acreage, and docks on the lake or many treasured Victorians.

  2. Bayfield, WI
    Compared to Ashland, Bayfield is home to a smaller population, with an average of ten people per square mile. The quaint little city offers a laid back atmosphere in a scenic setting, with many fruit farms and orchards surrounding the area.Bayfield is just a few miles from Red Cliff; home to the Lake Superior Chippewa reservation, which offers tours and tastings of spirits made from local sources. There is a casino, as well as a distillery, shops, and other attractions. The annual Pow Wow is one of the area’s most anticipated events, treating locals and visitors to spectacular drumming performances, dancing, arts and crafts, and culture.

    Cottages, condos, and cabins are all available in Bayfield, WI. Several properties have acreage or improvements.

    Bayfield School averages 8:1 student-teacher ratio and is one of the best schools in the upstate.

  3. Cornucopia, WI
    Cornucopia sits just east of Bark Bay and borders the lake at Siskiwit Bay on the opposite side of the Bayfield Peninsula. The census-designated place is located close to a mainland portion of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, where you’ll be able to find the Mawikwe Bay Sea Caves, also known as Meyer’s Beach Sea Caves.Cornucopia is home to an array of natural wonders, including ice caves, sea caves, and artesian springs. There are shops, museums, two marinas, and a fish hatchery.

    Most single-family homes for sale in Cornucopia, WI are stylish and well built, and are equipped with top-quality features such as spacious floor plans, updated kitchens, bathrooms with elegant fixtures, and oversized master bedrooms. The schools are the same as Bayfield and recent new resident reviews remark about how clean the area is.

  4. Herbster, WI
    Located just west of Bark Bay, Herbster, WI is a small northland community with a rich logging heritage and a bucolic atmosphere, with thriving local businesses such as wood crafting, quilting, carpentry, and orchard growing.The lakeside community is a fantastic place to live for outdoor lovers, as it boasts some of the best beach camping and bird watching around Lake Superior. A number of Class A trout streams also run throughout the town.

    A top-quality selection of real estate options is available for those planning to relocate to Herbster, WI, including gorgeous estates and lakefront luxury homes offering pristine views and seclusion.

  5. La Pointe, WI
    La Pointe is a community located on the western side of Madeline Island, just across the bay from Bayfield. Its downtown area is home to a colorful array of bars, restaurants, and other amenities. Camping, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor recreational activities are abundant and popular on the island.Those looking to get to La Pointe can take the Madeline Island Ferry, which usually runs Monday through Sunday between the Island and Bayfield. During the winter months, December through February, when the ice levels are adequate, an ice road provides passage to and from the mainland.

    Homebuyers in La Pointe, WI will be able to find stylish and well-designed homes, including elegant single-family homes and spacious lakefront luxury homes.

  6. Iron River, WI
    In Iron River, WI, a town located in the heart of northwestern Wisconsin, legacies matter. Named the “Blueberry Capital of the World” in its early days, the small, friendly community continues to celebrate their Blueberry Festival every year in July. The same can be said of logging, which once turned Iron River into a boomtown. Today, logging remains an important part of the local economy.If you like the sense of continuity Iron River brings, then this town is for you. There’s also an incredible array of wildlife, some of which can be spotted in areas where outdoor recreation abounds. It’s also home to some of the few wineries in the state.

    Properties in Iron River include acreage, as well as single-family homes with docks and outbuildings.

  7. Port Wing, WI
    With less than 400 residents, Port Wing, WI has been called a “small community with big vacation opportunities.” Lying in an area where Flag River meets Lake Superior, the town boasts pristine public beaches, trout and salmon fishing, public parks, and community events such as the Labor Day Fish Boil, Lions Club Fall Festival, and ice fishing contests.Indeed, Port Wing’s history of commercial fishing, as well as its logging industry, is memorialized in a museum found in one of the town’s historic buildings. If you want something more down-home, check out the bars and eateries. Or take the easy hike to Twin Falls Park and ADA-accessible boardwalks offering great views of the lake.

    If you’d like to settle here, homes for sale in Port Wing, WI come in a surprising array of architectural styles. You’ll find single-family homes built in the 1950s but updated through the years for a blend of old and new, along with sleek, contemporary homes, and a split-level Ranch on a multi-acre lot.

  8. Washburn, WI
    Washburn is the most populated community in Bayfield County, with more than 2,100 residents enjoying a quality of life Niche.com has rated an A-. The community lies on the shores of Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay, where the town’s impressive collection of historic 19th century buildings were built from brownstone that was quarried locally.With its proximity to Apostle Islands, and the limitless recreational opportunities promised by the bay and the surrounding Chequamegon National Forest, Washburn teems with outdoor fun.

    There’s a vibrant art scene as well. Plays, art exhibits, live music, film festivals, pottery and woodcarving workshops, and grants for artistic development are part of Washburn’s regular way of life.

    If you’re interested in homes for sale in Washburn, WI, there are plenty to choose from. Custom, lodge-like single-family homes offering views of Lake Superior from every room. Updated townhomes just minutes from shopping, dining, walking trails, and the beach. Luxury homes on a 200-acre estate.

Take Action

There are many great neighborhoods, villages, towns, and communities in Wisconsin’s Bayfield and Ashland Counties. It is no wonder that houses in these communities continue to be highly desirable.

Whether you are an avid fisher, boater, kayaker, or bicyclist, there is something for everyone in Northwestern Wisconsin. You can keep active year-round with some of the friendliest, most welcoming people you will meet.

If you are a buyer, the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior offers a unique opportunity to start anew in one of the most fascinating areas of Wisconsin.

No matter your circumstance, this area of the country provides the perfect remedy to big city blues.

Contact us today so that we can help you find your new home or assist in selling your old one. Call Windseeker Realty at [ai_phone href=”+1.715.779.5000″]715.779.5000[/ai_phone] or email [mail_to email=”Agent@WindseekerRealty.com”]Agent@WindseekerRealty.com[/mail_to] today. Wisconsin’s Bayfield and Ashland Counties may just be your light at the end of the tunnel.

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