Getting fast and “reasonable” offers from your home sale is a matter of ample preparation and a bit of work on the part of the seller. Here are seven things you can do to package your property for a big sale:

  1. Declutter and depersonalize your living spacesWhen you put your house on the market, make sure that it is presented as a clean slate. This means putting away personal items – no matter how valuable they may be to you – and keeping them out of sight. This includes family photos, awards, collectibles, other personal trinkets and anything you do not want buyers to see or touch.

    Clearing out clutter and personal items makes it easier for visiting buyers to visualize how they will organize, style, or renovate the living space when it becomes their own. Personal items can distract them from doing this.

    This step benefits you, too. It gives you a head start on packing, allowing you to see what else you need for your moving day, such as containers, labels, and other essential organizing tools.

  2. Identify your property’s key selling pointsIf you were an entrepreneur and your house were your product, how would you make it stand out among the rest of its competitors? What are its best features and how can you highlight them?

    Recall the time when you were buying or building the house. Do you remember the features that you found most appealing in the property? You can also use comments and compliments you received from visiting friends and family.

    Consulting your agent will be your best tool. They are more familiar with what home buyers in your area are looking for and will help you focus on making those features stand out in your staging plans and marketing materials.

  3. Spruce up your curb appealA strong and positive first impression goes a long way. If you can wow a potential buyer with one look at your home as soon as they step out of their car, you will set the mood for a pleasant tour.

    Try it yourself. Look at your house from across the street. Does your roof or exterior walls need any repairs? How spotless are your windows? Are your driveway and lawn tidy?

    Other useful activities like mowing the lawn and livening up your garden can be productive and relaxing weekend projects you can do by yourself. Cleaning and repairs might require professional services. Selling your home should not be overwhelming, when the process becomes overly stressful, ask your agent for help – they often have all the right contacts to make it a pain-free process.

  4. Get important repairs and updates doneA move-in ready home will always look more appealing than a fixer-upper, so make sure that everything in your house is in good working order. The smallest things – like a leaky faucet or a flickering light bulb – can make a visiting buyer doubt the condition of the entire property.

    That said, refrain from undertaking large renovation projects like knocking down walls to create bigger rooms or adding a swimming pool. Big projects cost more and are harder to recoup even with a successful sale.

  5. Hire a professional stagerInvest in professional services that help make your home more sellable. In addition to your agent, a staging expert can spell the difference between so-so returns and exceeding your target sales goals.

    Home stagers have the experience and insight to present your house in its best light, from the best angles. They also have professional connections that can boost the look and vibe that your home exudes. From furniture rentals to professional photographers, they can connect you with the right resources to maximize your property’s potential. Windseeker Realty is here to help with staging services – boosting your appeal does not have to cost an arm and a leg – ask us about this option when selling your home.

  6. Prepare yourself, tooIt is not just your house that needs to be ready to sell. Selling your home can be emotionally draining, especially if you spent a significant portion of your life there.

    Give yourself time to process the inevitability of parting with your home. Acknowledge the emotions and be prepared to put them away when it is time to make important decisions like pricing the property or negotiating for the final price.

  7. Consult with a local real estate expertWork closely with an experienced local real estate professional to gain access to crucial information and services relevant to this pre-selling phase. These include:
    • Up-to-date market information on comparative properties (both currently for sale and recently sold) that will help you set an accurate price for your property
    • Recommendations for top local vendors like cleaners, landscapers, home stagers, and repair services
    • Insights on popular buyer behavior and preferences
    • Advice on the best timing to put your property on the market
    • Creative and innovative marketing strategies aimed at maximizing the returns you can get from your home sale

Get in touch with Windseeker Realty for expert professional guidance throughout the home selling process. Contact us today at [ai_phone href=”1.715.779.5000″]715.779.5000[/ai_phone] or send an email to [mail_to email=””][/mail_to] to learn more.


Every home seller wants to receive fast and impressive offers when they put their property on the market. In addition to a prime location, a good agent will help you obtain them. But as a seller, what steps can you take to prepare your property?

In this helpful seller’s guide, Windseeker Realty shares seven key steps that will get your home selling endeavor started off on the right foot. From decluttering your living spaces, to hiring a professional stager, to putting yourself in the right mindset to sell your home. We cover all of your concerns right here.

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