When putting your home on the market, your main goal is to place it in the best position to attract a large number of prospective buyers. One of the best ways to do this is through home staging.

Home staging highlights your home’s most attractive features, boosts its overall appeal, and makes it more enticing for potential buyers. A successful staging job will help you sell your home faster and potentially bring you higher offers.

Home sellers can hire a professional staging company, look for a real estate agency that offers staging, or do it themselves. At Windseeker Realty we offer staging services working within your budget to keep it affordable for you.

Want to find out how to get your home ready to sell? Here are a few helpful staging tips to keep in mind:

Choose Areas Strategically

Focus your staging efforts on the rooms that you believe have the greatest potential to influence a buyer’s decision. Don’t spend too much time on rooms that might not make much of a difference.

According to many real estate pros the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room are the three most important rooms in any home. Be sure to prioritize these rooms when staging your home. The other rooms that will have minimal impact should not be the priority but should still be clean and tidy.


You might be surprised how much space you have in your home once you get rid of the clutter. Aspacious home sells. Keep in mind that you do not have to discard any of your belongings, just keep them out of sight for the time being. Clear out-of-season clothes from your closets, reduce the amount of décor you have around the house, and store all miscellaneous items that you will not need for awhile.

Make sure you appeal to the buyer’s senses and remove any unpleasant smells in the home. There are buyers who look through closets, cabinets, and other storage solutions in a home to gauge its storage potential, so you want to make sure your home will be able to accommodate their storage needs.


You want prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in your home, and one of the best ways you can accomplish this is to make it appear like a blank canvas. Your home needs to have the right balance – it should be free of most personal touches, yet still look stylish and elegant.

Start by clearing personal photos, memorabilia, and other items that might draw too much attention. Make sure your bathroom counters are also free of personal items like toothbrushes, shaving kits, contact solution, and so on. It might feel a little bit uncomfortable when most of your items are stored away but depersonalizing your home will help create a better connection between buyers and your property. This is still your home though until it sells so avoid depersonalizing too much that you can’t live in your home as you did before.

Brighten Your Interiors

Dark and dull interiors lessen your chances of landing a good offer. Let as much light flow into your home’s spaces as possible. Light-filled rooms create a more spacious feel. Remember to switch on all your lights prior to showings, and add more fixtures to rooms that are poorly lit.

Bright, light-filled interiors give a home a more welcoming vibe, making it more appealing to buyers.

Create a Flow for Your Home

Try to create a nice, walkable flow within your home by rearranging some of your furniture. This will give buyers better access to different spaces around your home and will also help them visualize their own furniture inside the property.

Remove any bulky or damaged pieces of furniture and rearrange what is left to create a seamless flow between your rooms.

Want more helpful tips for selling your home? If you need help selling your home in Bayfield, Washburn, Cornucopia and other desirable communities in Wisconsin, talk to us at Windseeker Realty! Call [ai_phone href=”1.715.779.5000″]715-779-5000[/ai_phone], or send an email to [mail_to email=”Agent@WindseekerRealty.com”]Agent@WindseekerRealty.com[/mail_to].

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