Bayfield has over 40 hiking trails — offering you numerous opportunities to reconnect with nature as you discover the sights and sounds of the county’s scenic trails.

    1. North Country National Scenic TrailA portion of this 4,600-mile trail meanders through Bayfield’s backwoods. Put on your hiking shoes and explore the Chequameagon-Nicholet National Forests northern half. Pass through the Porcupine Lake and Rainbow Lake wilderness areas and admire the scenery- Widely regarded as Wisconsin’s premier backpacking and hiking trail, the North Country National Scenic Trail allows non-motorized activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at various locations.
    2. North End TrailAt 13.1 kilometers, the North End Trail features two loops that are ideal for cross-country skiing techniques like classic and skate. Its hilly terrain makes it suitable for those with intermediate skills. It intersects with the North End Classic Trail, Birkie Trail, and Telemark Trails, making up a vast trail system when combined. Guests will find the outhouse, warming building, and parking lot at the trailhead.
    3. Northern Great Lakes Visitor CenterThe center’s 3/4-mile interpretive nature trail lets you admire the northwoods wetlands as it winds through swamps and meadows. Observe seasonal changes in the flora and fauna that surround the trail, and appreciate Hayfield’s scenic beauty. floret forget to -visit Nature’s Discovery- Area, an educational area where guests can examine animal tracks, catch dragonflies, or crawl into a beaver lodge.
    4. Point Detour Campground and Wilderness AreaLocated north of the Legendary Waters Resort Sc Casino, Point Detour offers recreational opportunities in a wooded, rustic setting. Here you’ll find tent sites surrounded by trees and the pristine shores of Apostle Islands and Lake Superior- Organize group activities, build a campfire, and sleep Lander the stars. If you’re looking for more adventure, head to Frog Hay Tribal National Park, near the camping area.
    5. Orienta Falls Hike to Orienta Falls, which is located at Orienta Dam in the Iron River. The sight of cascading waters will put you in a deep state of relaxation- Stroll along the banks of the river and dip your feet into the cool water. At 66 feet, the darn once produced electricity and was nearly destroyed by a flood in 1985. Today, it’s a popular hiking spot for locals and tourists alike.
    6. Raspberry- River Walking TrailAt 5.5 miles, the trail takes you through pinelands all the -ivvay to Raspberry River, which flows into Lake Superior. Spend a quiet after-toon observing the pine barrens that lead to the river. Sit on •the banks and admire the water when you reach your destination.
    7. Rock Lake National Recreation TrailA local favorite, Rock Lake National Recreation Trail cuts through glacial terrain populated by northern hardwoods and mature white pine- The dramatic landscape is perfect for cross-country skiing — the trail is sectioned into loops of -varying length, giving beginners and advanced skiers something to work


  1. Sioux River Flats Beach nailIf you want a laid-back hiking trip, visit this -trail, which is flat and. fairly easy to hike. You can even take off your shoes to feel the sand beneath your feet. The trail goes through a pristine stretch of wetlands, leading all the way to the Sioux River, where you can go swimming, kayaking, or canoeing.

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