Prior to listing your home, a few simple, budget-friendly tips can help increase your property’s value. Consider the following inexpensive suggestions if you are looking to improve your home’s appeal quickly and easily.

  1. Deep CleanYou want potential buyers to view a clean, well-maintained home. Consider performing a top-to-bottom scrub to ensure your home makes a great impression.
  2. Boost Curb AppealOvergrown bushes and grass can be a deterrent to potential buyers. Be sure the lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and consider hiring a landscaping service to freshen things up or add native plants and trees.
  3. Make the Most of Your Home’s SpaceWhile you can’t increase the square footage of your home, you can make it feel larger overall with the right tricks. Bright, sunny rooms feel more airy and open, so consider replacing heavy drapes with shutters, sheer curtains, or vertical blinds. Also, keep your home as clutter-free as possible. Storage bins or shelving can help keep things organized and out of the way.
  4. Update and ReplaceDated finishes such as popcorn ceilings, old lighting fixtures, broken ceiling fans, or wallpaper can turn buyers away. Updating these features an instantly add value to your home and increase your chance of selling it.
  5. Go Energy-EfficientBuyers are especially interested in energy-efficient updates as these can lead to significant savings over the long term. The majority of utility companies offer free energy audits to help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The right tips and updates can help increase your home’s value and ensure a faster sale. Although the process can feel overwhelming, we enjoy helping our sellers through every step of the selling process. We are always happy to answer any questions about selling your home or how the market is doing. Give us a call or send us an email today – we’d love to hear from you!

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