Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal For A Quicker, Bigger Sale

One of the essential steps in selling a home is boosting its curb appeal. Giving potential buyers a strong and positive first impression of your property can set the stage for a straightforward and rewarding home sale.

Here are nine tips to keep in mind to effectively improve your home’s curb appeal:


Clean, clean, clean


Every potential buyer should see your home as good as new. Make sure that every corner and every inch of the property is as clean and tidy as you can make it.

This is especially important if you own a home in a waterfront location. Proximity to the shoreline leaves your property constantly exposed to the elements.

Deep cleaning projects can be strenuous and even dangerous (consider your roof’s cleaning needs, for example), so do not hesitate to hire professionals for these jobs. Their designated equipment and cleaning solutions will prove worthwhile investments that will contribute to a fruitful home sale.


Get essential repairs and replacements done


In many cases, cleaning alone is not enough to restore your home to its peak condition. Smart and cost-effective upgrades and repairs are the perfect complement to every deep clean.

Pay attention to your roofing, exterior walls and sidings, and windows. These are the parts of the house that endure the most wear-and-tear. Check your gutters and outdoor plumbing fixtures for clogs or leaks, too.


Apply fresh coats of paint or stain


Repainting walls and re-staining doors are simple yet elegant solutions that can instantly boost the appearance of your home’s outdoor features. Just be mindful not to resort to repainting as a solution for substantial cracks and damage. These need proper repairs to prevent future problems and delays during the buyer’s home inspection.


Give as much attention to your backyard as you do the front lawn


While casual onlookers will appreciate an impressive front view of your home, serious buyers will take their scrutiny a step further by closely examining outdoor spaces at the rear of the property.

For waterfront homes with access to the shore or a dock area, the backyard is an even more important feature that requires proper maintenance and landscaping.


Set up adequate spaces for entertaining


One of the best things about owning a waterfront home is having an exceptional outdoor space to show off. Highlight this distinctive feature of your property by creating inviting spaces that visiting buyers can use to relax during their tour of your property.


Enhance your outdoor spaces for evening views


Chances are, you will have buyers dropping by for a viewing at dusk or in the evening. How does your property look in the dark?

Strategically placed outdoor lamps along your footpaths and front porch will illuminate and even add a romantic vibe around your main entry. Decorative string lights are also a charming addition to your outdoor recreational areas.


Add fresh blooms in time for a viewing


A quick way to liven up your front and back yards is to plant fresh, seasonal flowers. If you know the schedule of your buyers’ viewings, time your purchases so that the flowers are at their most vibrant when your visitors arrive.

Remember, this is just a quick fix. Reviving your lawn or garden is a more lasting change you can make to improve the look and feel of your outdoor spaces for the long term.


Practice addition by subtraction


When it comes to landscaping, removing things is just as important as adding them. For example, if large trees are getting in the way of a good view from your bedroom window, a good trimming might be in order.

You might even have to consider uprooting older trees if they are too close to the house. Large, expanding roots underground can cause major damage to the foundation of the house.


Spruce up the main entrance


As a seller, you will always want to make every visitor feel welcome. This is why your main entry deserves plenty of attention when you boost your curb appeal.

Tidy up your porch and decorate it with a few potted or hanging plants. Make sure it is well lit at night, too. You might also need to update your main door – whether by installing a new one, applying a fresh stain or coat of paint on your current one, or simply by polishing or replacing the door knob.

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A good first impression goes a long way in making a successful, rewarding, and stress-free home sale. Buyers will always have an eye for houses that appear good as new, so it pays to give that impression with just the first look. Boosting your home’s curb appeal goes well beyond just a deep cleaning. It also requires careful planning for necessary repairs and upgrades, smart choices in decorating, and a few worthwhile investments that can help increase the appeal and value of your home. In this guide, Windseeker Realty lists nine practical tips to help you prepare and showcase your property’s exterior features before you sell.

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