The Benefits of Lakeside Living

Imagine waking up every day to a beautiful home with a picture-perfect view of a gorgeous lake. If this is your vision of paradise then lakeside living is definitely for you.

Aside from the opportunity of living in a postcard-worthy place, living near a lake also allows you to engage in watersports and activities that can keep you healthy . You get your blood pumping with every new activity you engage in here; plus, the tranquility and utter beauty of this place keeps your heart and mind calm and at ease.

Since lakeside homes are generally located away from the hectic rush of city living, there is nothing else but clean, crisp air to breathe and a stress-free disposition to keep your mental health at its peak.

A lake house also provides the promise of a great investment, not just in terms of strengthening your asset portfolio but also in offering the opportunity to make great memories with your family.

Those interested in buying waterfront real estate, especially that one special property near the shores of Lake Superior, will want to learn more from this article.

Owning a little slice of paradise

Kicking off your shoes and taking a seat in your favorite chair after a tense day at work works much like a shower – it can relax you and put you in a mildly meditative state. What if you could do this in your very own lakeside home?

One of the best parts of lakeside living is having magnificent views outside your window every day. There is always something new to see, from passing boats to the sparkle on the water as the sun’s rays shine down. Depending on which side of the Bayfield peninsula you choose, sunrise and sunset are spectacles to behold

Since you own a little slice of paradise, it would be a shame not to commune more closely with the great outdoors! Spend your time swimming, fishing, and paddling to your heart’s content. Then enjoy an evening campfire or barbecue with family by the shore to cap off the day. It’s almost like being on vacation 24/7! These are just some of the many options to consider when living the lakeside life.

For health’s sake

Spending time by the water is not only enjoyable, it’s also good for your health.

  • For better sleep. Ever wonder why many Spotify playlists dedicated toward sleep or meditation have tracks of waves lapping on the shore? That’s because listening to these sounds effectively shuts out distractions and negative thoughts while lulling you into a deep sleep. You wake feeling energized and rejuvenated.
  • Fresh air. The abundance of fresh air by the lake comes from the trees lining its fringes, as well as its location which is usually far from areas where toxic fumes from machinery and motors develop. As a result, you get more oxygen and improved levels of serotonin which affects your mood in a positive way.
  • As good as chocolate. The tranquility of the lake brings forth a stress-free existence, plus a mega-dose of dopamine – the happy hormone. It’s the same hormone that increases when you eat chocolate.
  • Salve for the soul. Those who have recently undergone a scarring and traumatic experience can lose themselves in the calm waters of a lake. It is among the more effective ways to remedy post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Life extender. When you’re happier with your surroundings and you can engage in leisure-time physical activity, you can strengthen your immune system and essentially add years to your life. The science has proven this.

Great investment opportunity

Whether you decide to live with your family in your lakeside home or turn it into a vacation rental, all signs point to positive growth in terms of investment.

The fact is, waterfront properties don’t come cheap – their rarity in the real estate market makes them subjects of steep bidding wars. When you have a reliable real estate agent to help you acquire this kind of real estate, the process is much smoother.

Economic crunches and global setbacks (like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) may come and go, but your lakeside home’s value is virtually forever, barring other factors like maintenance, age, and level of exposure to the elements.

Maintenance-wise, the upkeep of a lake home is far less costly than that of a home by the ocean. Without salt, freshwater lakes result in less corrosion on the home. Considering fewer maintenance requirements, routine checkups for water damage and pests are also fewer and far between (yearly inspections will suffice). Even if repairs or replacements to some parts of your home need to be done (e.g., floorboards or walls), these tasks won’t put a dent in your pockets. Thus, you are in for big savings in the long run when you choose a lake home to add to your asset portfolio.

Boat ownership to complement lakeside living

Living the good life beside a lake gets even better when you have a boat. This opens up a myriad of opportunities for water-based recreation and travel. You can take the family out for a spin on the waters of Lake Superior or go on a solo ride to fish and commune with nature.

Boating with the family opens up the chance to foster teamwork and camaraderie as everyone learns to coordinate while raising the sails, mooring the boat to the dock, or dropping the anchor. Boating can strengthen relationships among family members as everyone works together to keep themselves happily afloat.

While the global pandemic is still upon us, going out on a boat trip is a wonderful way of remedying
pandemic fatigue
or cabin fever. . “Blue spaces” or areas by the water provide a lot of clean, circulating air to breathe in, leaving very little chance for pathogens to spread.

Even if you travel solo, having your own boat to complement your lakeside home gives you the freedom to explore what Lake Superior has to offer. Perhaps it could be a spot where the fish are biting or an island where you can examine the endemic flora and fauna . Or maybe you can just sit on the bow, watch the sun set, and see your surroundings bathed in a multitude of colors before darkness finally sets in.

Add a dock, add to your home’s value

The benefits of lakeside living

Most lakeside homes have their own docks for easy access to the water, as well as a secure area for mooring one’s boat. If your lakeside home doesn’t have one yet, consider the possibilities that open up to you when you add one to the property. Not only does it significantly increase your property’s value, but it also ensures handsome returns on your investment should you put it up for resale. The value will depend on the type of property you own, the condition of the lake, and the type of dock you want.

Even if you have an existing dock, you won’t be able to expect a generous increase in home value if it’s rundown. Waterfront homes have not just one but two curbsides – the one in front where land-based folks can view your home and the one at the back (or side) where folks passing in their boats can view your home from the water. Make sure your dock is just as well-maintained as your home and is free of debris and obstacles like overgrown bushes or rocks. That way, your property’s curb appeal goes up several notches, as well as your property’s value.

Having a dock also gives you convenience and peace of mind. Instead of renting out a space at the nearest marina for your boat, you can just secure it at your dock and personally ensure its safety. You also do away with the regular fees that come with renting said space.

A dock attached to a deck can also be suitable for rest or for socializing. You can add chairs, tables, bars, and a serving area if the deck is wide enough. You can even bring more oomph to this area by putting lights and even a tent or two. But if austere chic is your thing, then a pair of wooden folding chairs or an outdoor chaise lounge chair is enough.

Some things to consider

As with any other type of property, there are certain things about lake home ownership that you need to prepare for as these little nuances could evolve into major problems if not addressed immediately.

First, learn the rules and regulations where your lake home is located. Ask these questions to your real estate agent, the local homeowners’ association, or the governing body of the area:

  • Is fishing permitted on the lake year round?
  • If there’s already a dock , does it actually belong to the property owner?
  • Are motorized watercraft allowed on the lake?
  • Are there any particular activities that are not allowed on the lake?
  • Are there local ordinances about noise levels or having gatherings or parties in or around the lake?
  • Are there local ordinances that can impact any potential home improvements that you may want to embark on?
  • Are there restrictions on the horsepower of your boat’s engine?
  • Is approval needed before installing docks or other outdoor structures? If so, where can you get the said approval?

If the lakefront property you’re eyeing is under a homeowners’ association, take the time to review the conditions, covenants, and restrictions that it will impose on you. Inquire about your responsibilities pertaining to upkeep and maintenance of the property. You may want to reconsider if some of the HOA’s terms don’t match your lifestyle.

Given all these complexities, you will need a real estate agent who specializes in waterfront properties. This expert can help you in your search for the perfect lakeside home that will cater to your budget and lifestyle. They will know the ins and outs of the process and save you time and energy when it comes to closing deals.

A waterfront property specialist’s services will come in extra handy if you are new to lake living and have yet to learn both the pros and cons of purchasing a lakefront home. That’s why our team of local lakefront specialists at Windseeker Realty is here to help.

Exploring Lake Superior

light tower

Sights to see

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
. Once you own waterfront real estate in Bayfield, Wisconsin, you can use it as a jumping-off point to explore this scenic archipelago which covers 450 square miles of Lake Superior’s pristine waters. Located off the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin, these 21 islands are considered the lake’s “crown jewels.”

Best explored by boat or by yacht, you can sail past rich sandstone formations, lighthouses, and other historic sites while enjoying this beautiful and unique area.

With the exception of Madeline (the largest of the Apostles), all of the islands here are undeveloped and uninhabited. These tiny jewels boast craggy shorelines, old-growth hemlocks and hardwoods, and sculpted sanLake Superior – one of North America’s Great Lakes – is the largest freshwater lake in the world. Its name comes from the French word, lac supérieur, which translates to “upper lake.”

Sailboats and fishing boats regularly ply this lake’s deep waters that hold the remains of 6,000 shipwrecks.


Thousands of years ago, melting glaciers receded northward until they formed five freshwater bodies collectively known today as the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.

For over a century, Lake Superior has been a busy waterway, where timber was once hauled on wooden schooners and steamships.

During the Colonial period, the lake provided a major mode of transportation for the fur industry and other trading activities. It remains a shipping hub that offers global cargo transport.

This crystalline, sand-bottomed lake continues to wow residents with its shimmering, shifting bands of teal and turquoise.


By surface area, Lake Superior is considered the largest lake in the world. Its north shore borders Ontario, Canada while the south shore is part of the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The shoreline stretches 2,726 miles (including islands), according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It contains 2,900 cubic miles of water, which is equivalent to 10% of all the fresh surface water on planet Earth.

Much of Lake Superior’s shore has a wild yet serene beauty. Its shoreline changes dramatically from thousand-foot cliffs to miles-long white-sand beaches to deciduous forests to ancient caves carved from 500-million-year-old limestone on its southern side.

Flora and fauna

Lake Superior is home to many diverse plant, fish, bird, and animal species.
Streams in the area are the primary habitat of mammals such as beavers, muskrats, minks, raccoons, and river otters.

A wide variety of birds, including hawks, owls, loons, and woodpeckers, roam the area surrounding Lake Superior. During the fall migration season, Duluth’s Hawk Ridge – situated on the lake’s north shore – hosts as many as 10,000 migrating birds of prey.

Around 80 species of fish can be found in Lake Superior, including carp, lake trout, rainbow trout, lake whitefish, northern pike, muskellunge, smallmouth bass, walleye, chinook salmon, coho salmon, and Atlantic salmon.

Recreational activities

It comes as no surprise that water activities take center stage here. A wide variety of recreational opportunities are available on Lake Superior such as swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, paddle boarding, and waterfowl hunting. It also offers a wealth of land-based recreational options like golf courses, picnic spots, wooded areas, and beautiful beaches. You can also stroll on marinas, waterfront parks, and other attractive public spaces here.

For anglers, bountiful fishing spots are an irresistible draw. You can camp on the shores and pull fresh whitefish or trout from the crystal-clear waters for your next meal.

Golf lures residents with the same magnetic attraction as the water. The region offers picturesque rolling terrain, plenty of water views, and an ideal summertime climate.

Kayakers can explore the rugged Lake Superior shoreline, a maze of rocky islands, and secluded coves. Sea kayak excursions let you approach rust-colored cliffs looming several stories high. Paddlers can reach dozens of rivers, where fishing and moose sightings are unmatched.

You will also find native populations of black bears, bald eagles, and more than 200 species of migratory birds.

Isle Royale National Park
. Located near the border between Michigan and Canada, this cluster of islands is virtually isolated from the modern world. The park occupies the entire island along with a surrounding archipelago of nearly 400 smaller islands and outcroppings. You can observe wildlife in their natural habitat, particularly the abundant moose population.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
. This state park found on the southeastern shore of Lake Superior features spectacular sandstone cliffs rising from the shore. It has a stunning stretch of coastline boasting sculpted sandstone cliffs, rocky coves, and 200-foot high banks of sand. Don’t miss Miners Castle overlook, where winds and waves have transformed the cliffs into spectacular turrets and arches. Overlooks such as this provide glorious views of nearby islands and the open waters of Lake Superior.

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