Port Wing, WI

    • Located south of Lake Superior, Port Wing is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
    • Port Wing is home to incredible outdoor spots like national forests, spectacular waterfalls, sandy beaches, berry farms, orchards, and many more.
    • Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities like hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing.
    • With its excellent location, spacious interiors, and views from every room, the homes for sale in Port Wing, WI, allow you to take advantage of what nature has to offer.

    Nestled in 1.15 square miles of scenic natural woodlands, Port Wing is a tight-knit community located minutes away from the placid shores of Lake Superior.

    This Bayfield County community is part of Wisconsin, dubbed as America’s Dairyland.

    Port Wing is a quiet refuge located just south of Lake Superior, the largest of the five Great Lakes. It’s a great jump-off point to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, a stunning archipelago in northern Wisconsin. To get there, head to the 30-slip marina for a boat ride to the islands. Explore the sandy beaches and rocky shorelines of the 21 islands or Madeline Island, ranging in size from three acres to 9,900 acres. Kayakers, boaters, and sailors can explore the sea caves carved over centuries by wind and water into sandstone cliffs.

    This is just one of the many perks enjoyed by Port Wing residents – exploring the natural beauty of the area while enjoying the pristine environment.

    There’s more: fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that there are plenty of top-rated fishing spots in the freshwater rivers and creeks in Port Wing. Anglers can head to Flag River, a renowned trout stream that is located northeast of Port Wing. Go biking, hiking, swimming, or boating in this historic fishing village. Learn more by visiting Port Wing Heritage Hall, which details the sandstone mining, logging, and commercial fishing history of the area.

    Take an excursion to Bayfield (which is 45 minutes away) or visit Duluth-Superior (which is 40 minutes away). The rolling hills of Bayfield County are home to quaint berry farms and orchards where you can taste the sweetest strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and apples.

    Port Wing is also famous for its Labor Day Fish Boil. This annual community fundraiser, considered Wisconsin’s largest fish boil, takes place every Labor Day weekend. Boiled lake trout is cooked with plenty of potatoes and onions in big black kettles during the festive event.

    Whether you seek nature-based recreational activities or long for the serenity of rural living, Port Wing, WI is the community for you.

    Real estate in Port Wing, WI

    Get to appreciate the beauty and serenity of Northern Wisconsin by taking your pick from homes for sale in Port Wing, WI.

    Options range from gorgeous single-family homes to stunning lake homes to rustic cabins. There are also scenic lake lots for sale that overlook the tranquil Lake Superior.

    Imagine living in a stately waterfront home where you can enjoy fresh lake breezes from screened porches and outside decks.

    Take your pick from wooded acreage to riverfront real estate to lakefront properties with spectacular vistas.

    Many of the wooded lots for sale in Port Wing have acres of beautiful hardwood trees and lush pine trees. You can custom build your dream house in peaceful parcels of land that are blessed with fresh air and magnificent landscapes.

    If you are planning to settle down and buy a home in Port Wing, now is the best time to do it since home appreciation has been on the rise in Wisconsin since 2019.

    A brief history of Port Wing, WI

    Port Wing, WI was founded by the pioneer Theodore Okerstrom in 1891. The Sweden native relocated to the United States in 1867. He bought 300 acres on the south shore of Lake Superior, which he intended to turn into a town. He surveyed and planned out the area of the land that eventually became known as Port Wing.

    Dubbed the Father of Port Wing, Okerstrom made it his mission to convince Swedish immigrants to find a new home in this corner of Northern Wisconsin.

    Okerstrom named Port Wing after his business associate, Colonel Isaac Wing, who is known as one of the “grand old men” of Bayfield.

    The wing was a titan in the timber industry. In 1883, his real estate properties included thousands of acres of pineland and hundreds of town lots.

    Commercial fishing in this community started in 1834. Back then, there were fisheries set up in Lake Superior’s north shore. During the 1870s, Swedish immigrants who used to fish in their homelands settled down in Port Wing and helped buoy the fishing industry.

    All these activities contributed to the development of the fishing village of Port Wing.

    Things to do in Port Wing, WI

    Today, Port Wing provides interesting and exciting recreation options.

    Sunbathe on public beaches, have a family picnic in beautiful parks and forests, or try freshly caught Lake Superior fish. Enjoy a sunny day out in the water with your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or boat.

    Dive into Lake Superior’s crystal-clear waters and explore the protected waters and isles of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

    Here’s more of what to explore in Port Wing:

    See the waterfalls in Twin Falls Park

    Follow the trail that takes you through a picturesque forest and a hidden cavern to reveal eight-foot-tall waterfalls. Towering rock walls provide a dramatic backdrop to the clear gushing waters that empty to a rock ledge leading to a pool of water below.

    Discover the delights of Chequamegon National Forest

    Explore the great outdoors in this nature preserve that covers 268,700 acres of streams, forests, and inland lakes. Located in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, Chequamegon National Forest offers plenty of hiking trails and campsites for outdoor enthusiasts. Anglers might even catch a trophy-sized fish in one of the 600 lakes dotting this area. You and your family can even trek to see the majestic 70-foot Morgan Falls. In the winter, try cross country skiing or off-roading in the old military roads.

    Relax in the Boreal Forest State Natural Area

    Experience nature’s beauty in the 233-acre Boreal Forest State Natural Area. Avid bird watchers will be thrilled to see Blackburn Ian warblers, northern parulas, purple finches, American redstarts, and white-throated sparrow in this nature park. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. In the winter, follow the cross-country ski trails designed for the enjoyment of beginner and advanced skiers.

    Play beach volleyball at Port Wing Beach West

    Beaches here are known for their sandy coastlines and quarry-stone shores. Nearby sandy beaches such as Port Wing Beach West entice sunbathers and sandcastle builders. This enclave is perfect for a picnic, a friendly game of beach volleyball, or leisurely beachcombing.

    Visit orchards and berry farms

    The unique climate of Wisconsin provides a suitable environment to grow blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and apples. Visit the berry farms and orchards while in the season to taste the sweet produce and be mesmerized by the acres of fruit-bearing shrubs and trees.

    Port Wing, WI is many things to many people. For some, it provides escape and solitude in acres of lush landscapes. For others, this area provides a wealth of outdoor adventures through fishing, hiking, kayaking, skiing, or snow-shoeing.

    From exploring dramatic sandstone cliffs to fishing in placid lakes and rivers, you can do them all in this Bayfield County community.

    With opportunities for all, Port Wing, WI is an idyllic place to buy a home and raise a family. It is also an ideal place for retirees who want to settle down in a haven surrounded by nature.

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