Iron River, WI

    Iron River is a small but desirable town in Bayfield County, located in the northwestern portion of Wisconsin. With a population of approximately 1,100 spread out across a 31.5-square-mile area, it is a place where residents can enjoy unparalleled peace and tranquility. The town of Iron River includes a similarly named census-designated place, as well as the unincorporated community of Topside.

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    A Brief History of Iron River, WI

    Iron River was a modest community that benefited from the building of railroad systems that connected the town to nearby commercial centers stretching from Superior, WI to Hurley, WI. During its earliest years, the town of Iron River served as a dependable producer of logs and other forestry products.

    Today, Iron River is a self-sufficient community with its own selection of retail shops, grocery and supply stores, banks, industrial parks, and more. It is positioned and equipped for greater economic growth and stability in the years to come.

    Homes for Sale in Iron River, WI

    Iron River is a great place to look for a residential property if you are interested in embracing a tranquil, bucolic lifestyle. Homes here include charming cabins and ranch-style houses that are surrounded by towering and mature vegetation. Lots can stretch several acres in size, giving owners incredible privacy and serenity.

    While Iron River is not located directly on the shores of Lake Superior, the town includes 3.4 square miles of inland water within its boundaries. This means homebuyers and real estate investors will find a good number of lake houses and waterfront properties that are perfect candidates for the ideal primary residence, an inviting vacation home, or a lucrative rental property.

    Vacant lots are also available, providing buyers with the perfect blank canvas to build the home of their dreams or the ideal income-generating property.

    For homebuyers and investors who are particular about choosing properties based on current and resale value, Iron River is an exceptional market to secure a piece of prime real estate. The town’s thriving natural surroundings, sprawling property sizes, and the irresistible allure of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city living give real estate properties in this market enduring appeal and great potential to appreciate over the years.

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    Living in Iron River, WI

    For people who are accustomed to city life, moving to Iron River is sure to bring plenty of surprises. Most of these will be the best kind of surprises though—perhaps even life-changing ones. With its remarkable natural features, distinct countryside luxury lifestyle, and a friendly vibe around the local community, Iron River easily captures the hearts of newcomers and transplants, wherever they may be from.

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    Iron River shares most of Northwest Wisconsin’s humid continental climate, which ensures that residents experience the distinct changes between the four seasons of the year.

    Cost of Living

    Iron River’s cost of living is lower than the national average. Sperling’s Best Places records it as being 13.1% lower than the national average, which is remarkable considering the prime real estate opportunities that buyers and investors can purchase here.


    The local economy is anchored by the manufacturing, construction and health care industries. Most Iron River residents work production-related jobs and jobs involving installation, maintenance, and repair, but the most lucrative jobs in this market are related to management and business. With notable tourist appeal, vacation rentals also provide significant income-generating opportunities to real estate owners.


    Students living in Iron River attend schools operated by the School District of Maple, which is based in neighboring Douglas County. This school system comprises the Iron River Elementary, Northwestern Elementary, Northwestern Middle, and Northwestern High School.

    Outdoor Recreation

    Thanks to its location amidst lush forested areas and multiple inland lakes, outdoor adventures are a common experience among Iron River homeowners. Residents do not even have to go far to enjoy the abundant natural attractions. Moon Lake Park is an outstanding local park that engages visitors of all ages with activities like picnics, camping, fishing, swimming, and various sports.

    For hikers and bikers who prefer to explore further out, Iron River connects to the 60-mile Tri-County Corridor Trail. This gravel-surfaced path presents even more picturesque surroundings to marvel at, as well as trailside dining options and even ATV or snowmobile lodging properties.

    Top Attractions

    While homes in Iron River are generously spaced apart from each other, the local community is closely connected, thanks to grand community events such as the Blueberry Festival and the Bayfield County Fair.

    Iron River was once known as the “Blueberry Capital of the World” and this legacy is celebrated annually with the Blueberry Festival, organized by the Iron River Lions Club. This event happens every July at Moon Lake Park, typically during the last full weekend of the month.

    Another notable local attraction is the Bayfield County Fair, which is staged every August. The festive event, which features carnival rides, grandstand shows, and exhibits of local artisan creations, is staged at the Bayfield County Fairgrounds, located along Iron River’s Main Street.

    Wine lovers will also have one great reason to choose Iron River as their next hometown. The White Winter Winery is a local icon, bearing the distinction of being Wisconsin’s oldest distillery, meadery, and cidery.

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