Herbster, WI

    Part of the town of Clover, WI in Bayfield County, Herbster is a census-designated place that covers an area of approximately 5.6 square miles—all of which are dry land, but located close to the south shores of Lake Superior. This small yet inviting enclave is home to approximately 100 residents.

    Windseeker Realty presents this guide to one of Northwestern Wisconsin’s best-kept secrets. Read on to see why Herbster is an outstanding place to find your next dream home.

    A Brief History of Herbster, WI

    Like the rest of Clover and Bayfield County, Herbster occupies the area that formed what was once known as La Pointe County, which was established in 1848. The counties of Douglas and Ashland split off from La Pointe in 1854 and 1860, respectively, with the remaining land renamed as today’s Bayfield County.

    The Herbster community was anchored by the logging industry, the prime economic driver of most towns in the naturally endowed region even to this day. Legend has it that the CDP’s name comes from a prominent member of the local logging community named Billy Herbster.

    Homes for Sale in Herbster, WI

    An outstanding selection of houses for sale can be bought in the Herbster CDP. Real estate properties here are nestled amid sprawling parcels of land with lush, mature vegetation providing the perfect natural environment for your comfort and relaxation.

    In this market, you will find charming timber-framed cabins and durable cottages that blend perfectly into their verdant backdrops. These homes are ideal for anyone looking for peace and privacy, as well as inspiration for unbounded creativity. Little wonder that Herbster is a popular community for retirees looking for a quiet and laid-back location to spend their golden years.

    But this does not mean that Herbster, WI homes for sale and other real estate properties are limited to retirement communities, however. This CDP also welcomes investors and enterprising businessmen who are looking for commercial buildings or potential-laden rental properties.

    Buyers can even look into various opportunities to own vacant land and develop their dream homes or investment properties as they please. Herbert’s excellent location make these undeveloped lots valuable investments that are primed for long-term appreciation.

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    Living in Herbster, WI

    Herbster is a great place to live if you are looking for a serene environment where you can relax and draw inspiration from your lush lakefront and forest surroundings. Complementing this irresistible ambience are these outstanding local highlights that enrich residents’ day-to-day experiences:


    If you want to experience all four seasons throughout the year, a home in Herbster will be perfect for you. The climate in this CDP is humid continental climate, much like the rest of Northwest Wisconsin. The summer months from June through August are typically the most pleasant stretch of the year, ideal for making the most out of the outdoor adventures that surround you on the Bayfield Peninsula.

    Cost of Living

    Herbster is also an affordable place to live, with Sperling’s Best Places noting that the CDP has a cost of living that falls 19.2% lower than the United States average. This makes your investment in Herbster real estate worth incredible value. You are sure to get a great home with wonderful surroundings at a fraction of the cost that you will need to spend in other metropolitan areas in the United States.


    Herbster has been a logging town since its earliest days, and this industry remained its main economic force throughout the 20th century. In more recent years, the service industry — driven by the Bayfield Peninsula’s sterling tourist appeal — has emerged with lucrative opportunities of its own.


    Students living in Herbster attend schools run by the South Shore School District, which is based in Port Wing. The CDP used to have a local school, Herbster Schoool, but it officially shut down in 1990.

    The defunct school left behind a notable landmark, however: Herbster’s historic gym, which features a distinctive facade built primarily of logs. The gym was constructed in 1939 by the Works Progress Administration and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently being used as Herbster’s community center and town hall.

    Outdoor Recreation

    Outdoor recreation is a staple of the Herbster, WI lifestyle. Its perfect location, bound by the waters of Lake Superior and the lush forests in its surrounding landscapes, provide residents with various ways to discover, explore, and experience nature at its very finest. Some of the top destinations for unforgettable nature adventures include:

    Apostle Islands National Lakeshore This cluster of islands is the iconic, must-see attraction in Northwestern Wisconsin’s Bayfield Peninsula. Hop aboard a cruise to see the 21 majestic islands, as well as nine historic lighthouses built on six of them. You can also hike, bird-watch, or paddle around in a canoe or kayak to catch a glimpse of these islands’ best angles.

    Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest If you prefer to immerse in nature on dry land, consider exploring this protected forest area instead. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is located roughly 80 miles south of Herbster, but it will reward you with incomparable sights and experiences in the midst of 1.5 million acres of Wisconsin northwoods forest cover.

    Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife RefugeLocated 30 miles to the southeast in Ashland, Whittlesey Creek is another protected area where you can explore Northwest Wisconsin’s most fascinating natural habitats. This destination is more of a wetland area compared to the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

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