Cornucopia, WI

    • Located on the western portion of the Bayfield Peninsula, Cornucopia is a census-designated that is home to approximately 100 residents.
    • The CDP’s small population, idyllic lakefront setting, and lush wooded surroundings make Cornucopia the dream destination for homebuyers looking for peaceful and serene setttings to call home.
    • Cornucopia is a well-known jump-off point to one of Wisconsin’s best known attractions, the Apostle Islands. Other popular forms of lakefront recreation are easily accessible here.
    • Homes for sale in Cornucopia, WI include traditional wood and stone constructions, as well as log cabins that combine practical durability with a distinctinve rustic aesthetic.
    • Cornucopia, WI real estate also includes sprawling lots of vacant land that are ripe for development and other lucrative opportunities for long-term investment.

    Located on the western edge of Bayfield Peninsula, just under 28 miles from the bustling city of Ashland, Cornucopia is a census-designated place in the town of Bell, WI. With a population of only around 100 and an area of 2.264 square miles, this charming community has everything you can dream of in a small town, waterfront lifestyle.

    Cornucopia is a gateway to the famed Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, a group of twenty-one scenic islands frequented by tourists for their outstanding outdoor recreation and historic attractions. Bordered by Lake Superior’s Siskiwit Bay, the town makes a great base for all your water and nature adventures in Northern Wisconsin. In the summer, you can enjoy a host of activities on Lake Superior, from boating and kayaking to swimming and fishing. In the winter, the area’s trails turn into the perfect venue for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and other cold weather activities.

    More than just a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, Cornucopia is also a historic close-knit community with charming vintage attractions and a laidback way of life. If you’re looking for your very own retreat from the everyday grind, far from the bustle of the city but close enough to enjoy its modern conveniences, you just might find Cornucopia to be the perfect home.

    Brief History of Cornucopia

    The Siskiwit Bay area was used by the Ojibwe people from Canada as a temporary camp while on their way to La Pointe in the Apostle Islands. A historic marker in the area tells the legend of the Tragedy of Siskiwit, which is believed to be a retelling of a battle between the Ojibwe and a band of Meskwaki Native Americans.

    Cornucopia’s first European settlers were loggers who came here toward the end of the 19th century. They were followed by the Rusyns, or ethnic Russians who made their way from Eastern Europe via the Chicago route, and established farming communities in the area. This is why many surnames in Cornucopia are of Russian origin, including Kaseno, Sveda, Roman, Celinsky, and Pristash.

    The community was named in 1903 by Iowa speculators T.J. Stevenson and Albert Wescott, who were inspired by the abundance of natural resources in the area. Cornucopia has traditionally been a fishing community. In the 20th century, four families established and maintained the town’s commercial fishing industry, which continues to thrive to this day. After World War II, however, tourism overtook logging, farming, and fishing as the primary industry in the community.

    Cornucopia, WI Real Estate

    Real estate in Cornucopia is made up mostly of acreage properties, with sizes ranging anywhere from one acre to over 15 acres. You’ll find spacious single-family homes with an average square footage of 1,235. Surrounded by lush trees and foliage, Cornucopia, WI homes for sale are perfect as your very own sanctuary with all the privacy and tranquility you can wish for. There’s also plenty of vacant land that makes great investment properties, whether as a future getaway or for development.

    Many homes in Cornucopia are log cabins or traditional style homes that make generous use of wood and stone to complement their pristine surroundings. There’s also a wealth of waterfront properties with direct access to the lake and its many activities. Decks are common home features, perfect for lounging amid panoramic views of lakes and forests.

    Wherever you choose to live in Cornucopia, you’re never too far from a marina, a boat launch, or the beach. Living in Cornucopia or having a getaway home here means enjoying family time and living each day one day at a time. Nature is within reach; you can explore natural wonders without having to plan weeks in advance or book tickets ahead of time. And with tourism as the leading industry, you can also make an income from your home by renting it out to the town’s many visitors, whether for the long or short term.

    Year-round living in Cornucopia


    Students in Cornucopia attend schools belonging to the South Shore School District in Port Wing, found just 15 miles away.
    Employment or business opportunities

    Tourism related businesses thrive in Cornucopia, particularly those that cater to outdoor activities, such as bike, boat, and gear rentals. Boat tours, biking tours, and wintertime tours are also popular services.

    Establishments like restaurants, cafes, and gift shops are important to Cornucopia’s economy and way of life. Many homeowners also profit from listing their properties as lodging for Cornucopia tourists.

    Things to do in Cornucopia, WI

    Cornucopia’s attractions and activities are a combination of the great outdoors and historic exploration.

    Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

    Cornucopia is one of the jump-off points to the Apostle Islands, considered the sailing capital of Wisconsin and perhaps the entire country. You can reach the islands from Cornucopia via charter service, kayak, sailboat, or motorboat.

    Apostle Islands is home to eight different lighthouses, the largest collection of historic lighthouses in the US. It also boasts sea caves, wildlife habitats, and forests, as well some of the best kayaking in the country.

    The largest of the Apostle Islands is Madeline Island. Though not part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, it’s also a sought-after tourist destination, with attractions that include a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones.

    Meyers Beach

    Found just a few miles east of Cornucopia, Meyers Beach is a popular take off point for kayakers heading for Lake Superior’s sea caves. It’s also home to Meyers Beach Sea Cave Trail, a hiking trail with amazing views of the sea caves.


    Cornucopia’s picturesque waterfalls, Siskiwit Falls and Lost Creek Falls, are must-see spots in the area. Visitors must traverse equally scenic hiking trails to reach the falls.

    Siskiwit Bay Marina

    Dock your boats and get all your boating needs at Siskiwit Bay Marina. From here, you can check out the shops lining the harbor, hang out at the beach, or visit parks.

    Green Shed Museum

    The Green Shed Museum houses artifacts that tell the history of Cornucopia in the past centuries. It is located at the original harbor fish house. Visitors are allowed to go on a picnic at the museum’s patio.

    Lake Superior Sea and Ice Caves

    These famous caves are sandstone formations carved by the strong waves of Lake Superior throughout the years. During the summer months, visitors can kayak or canoe their way to the caves. In the winter, the caves transform into a spectacular icy display that you can access by walking on the frozen lake when conditions allow..

    Ehlers Historic General Store

    Opened in 1915, Ehlers is Cornucopia’s neighborhood one-stop shop. It carries grocery items, deli, and other things you might need at home, such as hardware items, gift items, and gardening supplies.

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