Bayfield, WI

    • Nestled on Lake Superior’s shores, Bayfield, WI is a small, waterfront city with big character. It is known as the “Gateway to the Apostle Islands.”
    • Bayfield is also considered the Bayfield Peninsula’s crown jewel, with an abundance of fantastic recreational options, family-friendly destinations, and picture-perfect scenery.
    • As a waterfront location, Bayfield offers a wide array of incredible outdoor activities, ranging from camping and fishing along the lakeshore to kayaking and hopping on lavish cruise tours.
    • In addition to its resort-like vibe, Bayfield is a thriving community for arts and culture. Various local attractions include distinctive and quirky art galleries and studios for creative-minded locals and tourists.
    • A wide variety of homes for sale make Bayfield, WI attractive to real estate buyers and investors of all types. Primary residences, vacation homes, and investment properties abound in this market.

    Bayfield is a small city encompassing less than one square mile, located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, and nestled on the shores of Lake Superior. The city is known as the “Gateway to the Apostle Islands” and is considered the Bayfield Peninsula’s crown jewel, thanks to its fantastic recreational options, array of family-friendly destinations, and laid-back vibe surrounded by picture-perfect scenery.

    Visitors and residents of Bayfield get to soak in breathtaking views each day, as the city’s landscape is highlighted by boreal forests, sea caves, islands, and a picturesque shoreline. The beautiful scenery creates a perfect backdrop for activities such as sailing, sea kayaking, fishing, camping, and island cruises, which are just a few of the many attractions that make a Bayfield a popular resort destination.

    On top of its incredible outdoor activities, Bayfield also offers a vibrant arts and culture scene and an enticing array of top-notch restaurants, orchards, specialty shops, bed & breakfast establishments, and exciting events, so there’s always something new to look forward to.

    If you’re searching for a relaxing place to call home that offers an outstanding quality of life, this small harbor city on the shores of the Big Lake is hard to top.

    History of Bayfield

    The city of Bayfield was named after Henry Wolsey Bayfield, the British naval officer who surveyed the lake from 1823 to 1824. During the 1850s, the city’s location along Lake Superior allowed it to establish trading routes with Buffalo, Chicago, and Cleveland.

    In 1883, lumbering and fishing became one of Bayfield’s main industries, thanks to the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railway providing better access to the area. Industries such as brownstone quarrying and tourism were also slowly gaining popularity around this time.

    Soon, schools, churches, and hotels began to sprout throughout the area and the once small village became what Bayfield is today.

    Bayfield, WI real estate

    If you’re thinking of relocating to Bayfield, you’ll be delighted to know that you’ll be able to find a great selection of stylish and well-built homes for sale in Bayfield, WI. The city has an abundance of waterfront homes that take full advantage of the area’s picturesque views and provide easy access to endless outdoor adventures.

    In addition to its lakefront homes, there are also properties tucked away within lush forests in case you prefer a more secluded location surrounded by nature. Every spot in Bayfield is picture-perfect, so you’ll get to enjoy panoramic views in almost any location!

    Whether you’re buying a primary home, secondary home, or investment property, the real estate options in Bayfield are guaranteed to satisfy. It is perfect for retirees wanting to spend their golden years in a peaceful community or couples looking to raise their kids in a nurturing environment.

    But if leaving the city for good is not an option for now, investing in a vacation rental property is also a great idea. You can indulge in a relaxing vacation, check out the city’s many attractions and amenities, and enjoy the sights and sounds anytime of the year.

    In Bayfield, enjoying life at your own pace, at a place you can truly call your home is possible.

    Year-round living in Bayfield


    Bayfield is an ideal place to live for families with children, as the area is home to top-quality schools administered by the School District of Bayfield, which has an average student-teacher ratio of 8:1.

    Schools located in Bayfield include:

    • Bayfield Elementary School
    • Bayfield High School
    • Bayfield Middle School

    Employment or business opportunities

    Since tourism is the main industry in Bayfield and the nearby Apostle Islands, businesses such as vacation rentals, inns, restaurants, gift shops, and maritime equipment rentals are thriving.

    Visitors to Bayfield enjoy experiencing the local culture by checking out its array of artsy cafes and restaurants, hip bars, quaint bookstores, and interesting shops, all of which play a significant role in boosting the local economy.

    Bayfield is also an excellent option for remote workers, digital nomads, and other online-based freelancers, as they’ll be able to take advantage of the top-quality broadband service and fiber network available in town.

    Things to do in Bayfield

    Bayfield in Bloom

    Bayfield in Bloom is a month-long celebration of spring which takes place from May to June. The event features over 50,000 daffodils, apple blossoms, and wildflowers in full bloom. Festivities are capped off by a ship parade and a blessing of the fleet ceremony.

    Big Top Chautauqua

    Big Top Chautauqua attracts countless visitors every year with its spectacular lineup of concerts, stand-up comedy shows, and other live performances and events. The concert venue is hard to miss – just look for the gigantic blue circus tent overlooking Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

    Madeline Island

    Part of the Apostle Islands, Madeline Island is home to a great selection of studios, art galleries, and bars that are all worth checking out. The island is also popular for visitors looking forward to hiking, swimming, and simply soaking in views of the great outdoors. You’ll also find the Madeline Island School of Arts, which offers a variety of arts and crafts workshops throughout the year.

    Rittenhouse Avenue

    Head to Rittenhouse Avenue to discover a dazzling mix of interesting boutiques, gift shops, and dining spots. While shopping or dining, you’ll be treated to wonderful views of the lake and Madeline Island.


    Residents who love watersports such as freshwater sailing, scuba diving, swimming, and fishing will feel right at home in Bayfield, as all of these can be enjoyed on the serene waters of Lake Superior. Taking the ferry over to Madeline Island is also an experience in itself, so be sure to set some time aside for that too.

    Biking and Hiking

    Biking and hiking are popular activities not only among tourists, but for residents as well. The Brownstone Trail provides a scenic ride along Lake Superior, and there’s a network of well-maintained hiking and biking trails at nearby Mt Ashwabay too.

    Winter Activities

    There’s no shortage of winter activities to enjoy in Bayfield. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding are just some of the many winter activities available here.

    Orchard Tours

    Bayfield is home to many stunning orchards where guests can sample fresh fruits, baked goodies, and other local products. Some of the top-rated orchards in the area are Bayfield Apple Company, Hauser’s Superior View Farm, and Blue Vista Farm.

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