5 Important Renovation Tips for your Condo

You can transform a cookie-cutter condo unit into a home with more flair or make some adjustments to suit your personal preferences. To do so, you’ll have to deal with renovation which can feel like a daunting task. Renovating your condo unit comes with certain limitations and requirements. For example, unlike a stand-alone house, you can’t simply knock down walls to make a new room.

To make your condo renovation easier, here are five important tips:

  1. Learn the rules

Get to know the renovation rules of your building’s association. Condominium buildings have their respective sets of requirements such as the type of material you can use, the way your condo unit should look, or the days and times you can renovate.

Some condo boards may also require permits or design approval, so look up the building’s rules well in advance so that your renovation timetable will not be severely delayed by setbacks caused by ignorance of said rules.

  1. Temporarily move out

With all the materials, debris, and the smell of paint filling your unit, arranging a temporary residence or staying with friends and family until the renovations are over will be a good idea. If you’re lucky, your condo building might even have guest suites that you can stay in so you won’t need to go far. You’re working with a small space so temporarily vacating the area will not only keep you away from the stress but will also ensure that you don’t get in the way of construction.

3. Paint

This is possibly the easiest and most inexpensive improvement to do to your condo. Add color to your home to make it come to life. A fresh coat of paint can also make your home seem much newer. Walls aren’t the only thing you can paint. You can also paint cabinets or mirror frames to match the new colors of the room or for contrast.

  1. Flooring

Another common renovation is changing your flooring. As one of the most noticeable and important parts of any home, updating flooring can raise the resale value of your condo in the long run.

Laminated flooring is the cheapest option and can also be laid on top of existing flooring without the need for any hacking, but is not as durable as other materials. Tiles are more scratch-resistant and are perfect for rooms that need waterproofing such as the bathroom; however, the grout lines between tiles require frequent maintenance. Meanwhile, natural stone adds beautiful texture to your home although using this material may cost more.

  1. Think about the space

You’re working with limited space that is adjoined to others, barring you from making too many drastic changes. Build around what you have if you can’t change that feature. For example, if you can’t change your door frames, you can use back banding which is a molding layered over an existing frame.

Bypass your design limits by unifying the design so that rather than making big construction changes, you can lead people’s eyes to where you want them to go. Make some features blend in and others pop out to control where people’s eyes will be drawn to. For example, rather than sink money into changing your shower completely, try painting your bathroom white and adding a clear glass door to the shower. Get colorful by using bold designs that will pop out against the white.

Lastly, make sure that all your additions don’t end up cluttering your unit. Limit the number of cabinets and lighting figures. After all, having a room that feels spacious will give a stronger selling edge than having more cabinets.

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6 Ideas to Spruce your Waterfront Home

Whether you’re looking for a chic update to your current décor or you’re planning to design your new next home to emphasize the gorgeous beaches right outside your front door, it can be difficult to pick a look that best exemplifies the beachside lifestyle. To help you make your beach house shine, we’ve gathered these stylish ideas that will turn your home into the ultimate beachside getaway.

  1. Go for a nautical theme

Work with a blue and white color palette to get started. You can also add splashes of red or gold and brass.

Seafaring knick-knacks such as wooden steering wheels, rope, shells, maps, and marine sconces emphasize your property’s waterfront location. You don’t need to go all out with the maritime décor. For example, round mirrors hung on the walls  can look like portholes.

  1. Emphasize the views

People love waterfront homes for their access to gorgeous views of Lake Superior, so make sure you decorate to draw attention to your home’s central attraction. Neutral palettes without curtains or loud rugs will showcase the postcard-perfect views outside. If you want more privacy in a room, such as the bedroom or bathroom, try out soft linen drapes.

  1. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Try going for a casual beach look by using woven furniture made of organic material such as wicker, bamboo, and rattan. These materials are also water-friendly and provide both form and function for your home. If you want a more modern look, bold colors for the wood will make them pop.

  1. Design rustic gathering spaces

Cozy wooden or woven tables and chairs are perfect for sitting back to enjoy the sea breeze as they exude an inviting feel.  Enhance this feeling with classic waterfront touches like hurricane candle holders filled with river rocks and slender candles. Woven rattan chairs, tropical flowers, and nautical decorative items such as shells or driftwood can give these rooms and tables more visual flair.

5.  Accessorize

Even if you don’t go for a full-on theme, adding some nautical touches here and there will give your home some flair and accentuate your gorgeous views of the water. Add a jute handrail to your stairwell for a casual, shabby chic vibe or try framing sand dollars, seashells, and sea fans to bring a drab wall to life.

If you’re looking for tropical beach charm, having some potted palms or basket-weave shades for your lighting fixtures. Turn your bed or divan into the ultimate relaxation spot by hanging an airy canopy above it.

  1. Play with patterns

Stripes are the most iconic nautical pattern. Use these to enhance neutral colors or mix and match them with other prints. Play these up with patterns with a maritime theme such as rope knots, ships, whales, shells or tropical patterns like palm fronds, hibiscus flowers, and tropical fruits.

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Effective tips for keeping your waterfront home in great shape

Gorgeous views of sparkling waters are why waterfront properties are in great demand; however, these homes also require specific maintenance in order to preserve their beauty. Here are a few vital tips to make sure your waterfront home stays in a pristine condition:

  1. Prevent sand from getting into your home

A great part about waterfront homes is the easy access to beaches. Unfortunately, bringing sand in with you – which may be exacerbated when you have kids or pets – not only leaves a mess on the floor but may also damage furniture. Cover outdoor furniture when not in use to minimize wear and tear from wind-blown sand. Consider having a mud room where people can clean their shoes off before entering your home.

  1. Keep the humidity in check

Considering your proximity to the lake, your waterfront home will inevitably get rather humid, especially during summer. Moisture from high levels of humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and dust mites growing in your home. Humidity can also make your paint peel and damage the drywall. Counteract this by investing in dehumidifiers to control the humidity of your home.

  1. Take protective steps

As mentioned earlier, moisture can cause damage to your home. This is why waterproofing will make it easier to maintain your waterfront home. Prevention is cheaper than repair and can add to the value of your home.

Make sure you regularly maintain waterproofed exteriors. If the exterior of your home is made of natural wood, you will need to re-caulk and repaint it every four to five years.  Man-made materials such as vinyl or aluminum require less maintenance and can last much longer.

  1. Storm-proof your home

Living near Lake Superior means you might be more susceptible to environmental damage from storms. Install extra defenses to keep your home from taking a beating when a storm arrives.

  • Erosion – Erosion can chip off dry land from your property and even cause flooding. Build bulkheads that can act as barriers against water and protect your home during a storm.
  • Wind Damage – Switch to impact resistant doors and windows. Impact resistant windows also bring other benefits such as saving you energy costs by regulating heat, reducing outside noise, and protecting you from UV rays. These upgrades will add both resale value and curb appeal to your home.
  • Flooding and Hydrostatic Pressure – Flood vents can direct water to flow through the house instead of crashing against a wall. Constant hammering from the water can weaken your wall and may cause cracks or worse, make it Leaks from cracks may also damage the foundation of your home.
  • Flashing Leaks – Many leaks are caused by flashing issues. The flashing is metal that surrounds your windows, doors, roof, chimneys, and They are supposed to act as a seal to prevent water from entering. If the flashing has degraded, become damaged or was improperly installed, you can experience leaks and water stains.

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Exciting Changes for Reed Realty!


I have some exciting news to share! After getting my broker’s license in late summer of 2001, a little seed began growing about running my own office. As winter melted into spring, the business came to fruition with Reed Realty opening in May of 2002. It was an exciting growth time, full of learning opportunities as I puzzled out how to serve my clients and customers in the best way possible. My desire and commitment is to always put people before the ‘deal’ and serve others to the best of my abilities. The more I could see with flexible eyes and ‘outside of the box’, the more the results flowed automatically. Owning my own brokerage has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The last 17 years have been a huge success and I am so grateful to all of you!

That said, I feel it is time to hand the reins of the day to day operations to another excellent Broker. I enjoy having freedom to travel in the winter and lead the safaris which I love, while knowing things are taken care of back at the office. My passion has always been working with clients and will continue doing so as a Broker Associate for Windseeker Realty. Supporting the new incoming energy and expertise will be a joy and I’m excited to be a part of the new growth and change.

With no further delay, I am happy to introduce to you Jenna Galegher Owner/Broker of Windseeker Realty. Born and raised on a family farm in North Dakota, Jenna learned the value of commitment and hard work early. She began her real estate career managing rental properties in Fargo, while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Business Management at North Dakota State University. Jenna discovered Bayfield while sailboat racing in the Apostle Islands and fell in love with this area immediately. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or your forever home, Jenna is eager to share her love for Bayfield County with you!

What does this mean to YOU, our clients and customers:

  • Gennifer will continue with Windseeker Realty as a Broker Associate
  • All of your current contracts are valid and terms are unchanged
  • Both Jenna and Gennifer are excited about the transition and look forward to working hard for you
  • We want to thank all of our clients for your continued business. YOU are the reason we are here!

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (715)779-5000 or email Jenna at Jenna(at)WindseekerRealty(dotted)com or Gennifer at Gennifer(at)WindseekerRealty(dotted)com.

Top Adventure Sailing Trips in Bayfield, WI


You can’t visit the Bayfield, WI area without going on a sailing adventure around the Apostle Islands. It’s a good thing, then, that there are many reputable yacht charter operators in the area. Below are some of the most well-known ones:

Superior Charters

This year, Superior Charters celebrates 40 years of sailing excellence. About 80% of the company’s clientele are repeat customers – a testament to the quality of service they offer. If you want wilderness cruising in the Apostle Islands, you can’t go wrong with this boat charter.

Dreamcatcher Sailing

Different folks want different cruising experiences, which is why Dreamcatcher Sailing offers diverse options for visitors. Would you prefer a day of adventure? Take the five-and-a-half-hour Apostle Island Discovery tour. Want a quick tour of the bay before heading out for dinner? Book the one-hour-fifteen-minute Happy Hour tour.

Manitou Sailing Charters

Manitou Sailing Charters has a classic wooden yacht, which makes for an exciting yet sophisticated sailing experience. The yacht is a 33-ft. Acadia ketch and is also commonly used as a venue for weddings and other special events. All boat captains are U.S. Coast Guard licensed, and you can choose from a three-hour day sail trip, a three-hour sunset cruise, or a five-hour sail.

Animaashi Sailing Company

This boating company gets its name from the Ojibway word which means “to sail away” – and that’s exactly what you’ll do on Animaashi’s 34-foot boat, Sarah’s Joy. At the helm of the ship is Captain Paul Bratti, a former Coast Guard officer. Trips can either be half-day or full-day, or you can opt for an evening cruise.

Good Earth Outfitters

Good Earth’s Captain Mike was born and raised in the Bayfield area and has sailed the Apostle Islands for some 35 years. With a local at the helm, you’re sure to see only the best destinations in the islands. And true to its name, Good Earth operates only newer vehicles that are suited for Lake Superior’s waters.

Sailboats, Inc.

Sailboats, Inc. knows a thing or two about certifying charter captains; since 1980, they’ve certified more than 11,000! Once you complete your training, you can rent a chartered water vessel without the added expense of hiring a captain, too. There’s no better way of exploring the Apostle Islands than on a ship you pilot yourself.

We hope our recommendations will help you enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation in the Apostle Islands.

Would you like to learn more about the area? Are you thinking about investing in property here? Call Windseeker Realty LLC today at (715)779-5000 or e-mail Agent(at)WindseekerRealty(dotted)com to know more.

What to Look for When Buying Vacant Land

vacant land

When it comes to real estate, the greatest luxury is customization. That’s why many people invest in land, so they can build a dream home that’s exactly to their liking.

However, buying land is quite different from buying an existing home. Before taking the leap, ask these questions first:

Does it have a clear title?

As with all real estate purchases, you must make sure that there are no injunctions or liens against the land. You will want to have a title company do a title search to determine if the property’s paperwork checks out – sometimes, even sellers don’t know that there are encumbrances attached to their property. You can access Bayfield County’s land records here.

How is it zoned?

The property’s zoning status will dictate the ways you can use it. In other words, you may own the land, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can do whatever you want with it. The planning and infrastructure requirements for rural, residential, and commercial land are all very different. And there are restrictions if the lot is near historically or ecologically significant locations.

Bayfield County’s zoning code also has provisions for the protection of aquatic life, the preservation of shore cover, and the prevention of overcrowding of any natural resource. You can see the zoning code in its entirety here.

How is the surrounding land?

Don’t just look at the lot you intend to buy, but the surrounding land as well. For instance, that stream at the foot of the property might turn torrential when it’s raining, which could result in the property getting periodically flooded. Also, find out if there are any future developments being planned – is something going to rise that may potentially block your beautiful views?

Can it be subdivided?

Some buyers purchase land with the intention of subdividing it to multiply profits. However, not all properties can be subdivided. Make sure to clarify this with your agent before purchasing land.

What about utilities?

Yes, the property might be located in a pristine corner of Bayfield, far away from the bustle. However, the more secluded a piece of land, the harder it usually is for utility companies to service it. If it’s beyond their service area, you may need to pay more to get a connection.

Is it accessible?

On a related note, you also must make sure that the land has road frontage or has access to a public road via a deeded easement. Find out as well if you may need to construct roadways leading into your property.

How much are surrounding properties valued?

Last but not the least, check the going rate for the properties surrounding the parcel. Has their market value increased or decreased over the past years? This is a good indication if the land is worth investing in.

Buying land comes with many rewards, but also some challenges. Hopefully, the tips above will help you better navigate the purchasing process.

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Best Bayfield Water Sports


A premier resort destination, Bayfield is the gateway to many fun water activities that your entire family will love.

If you’re new to the area and don’t know where to start, we recommend these activities:


Kayaking in the south shore of Lake Superior gives you the chance to go on an island-hopping adventure. Just off of Bayfield’s shores is the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, which boasts 21 islands, all of which you can paddle to.

Here you’ll find stunning sights ranging from sheer cliffs to dramatically striated sea caves to historic lighthouses. And because of the water’s remarkable clarity (up to 100 feet in some places!), you may even see some underwater sights without having to get off your kayak.

Stand-up paddleboarding

The calm waters of Lake Superior make it ideal for stand-up paddle boarding. Aside from taking in the wonderful views around you, you can also duck into the little coves and sea caves carved into the Apostle Islands. There are many nooks and crannies here that only a paddle boarder can explore.


In Bayfield and the Apostle Islands, there’s always something wonderful to see – and some of the best sights are underwater. The crystal-clear water makes the area a diver’s dream come true. Explore rock formations rising from the lakebed or marvel at the pensive beauty of shipwrecks. You can also explore submerged dock cribs from the 1890s near the sandstone quarry.


Bring a sweater and your camera when you embark on a sailing adventure in Bayfield. The surrounding area is very picturesque, thanks to the stunning cliffs, iconic lighthouses, and deep forests. Ever wondered what it feels like to man a water vessel? Many boat tour operators actually allow guests to assist the captain with navigating the ship. There’s also the option of renting smaller boats for private tours or events.

Fishing charters

Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are numerous fishing charters in the Bayfield area. Some of the prize catch here include trout, whitefish, walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, and salmon. You also have the option of booking either a half-day or full-day charter. Just be sure to have a valid Wisconsin fishing license, and the appropriate stamps for Great Lakes trout and salmon.

As you can see, the Bayfield area is a paradise for those who love water and water-based activities. Whether you’re planning on staying here for the weekend, the season, or forever, there will always be something here for you to enjoy.

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Top Boat Tours and Cruises in Bayfield and Cornucopia, WI

boat tour

In order to fully enjoy an immersive experience in Bayfield County, hop on a boat that will take you to top attractions such as the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Mainland Sea Caves, the shipwrecks of Lake Superior, and the lake itself.

Here are several tours that will give you the best views of these scenic wonders:

  1. Apostle Islands Cruise Service

    For boating buffs that want to delve deeper into maritime history or do a bit of treasure hunting, book a tour on the premier Apostle Islands Cruise Service. The Wrecks, Rocks & Lighthouses Tour has you aboard a glass-bottom boat for easier viewing of the lake’s well-known shipwrecks in all their rusting glory. You will also have the pleasure of passing by lighthouses and Basswood Islands’ Honeymoon Rock.

    The fares are $37-$60 dollars for adult passengers, $20-$33 for children from 6-12 years old, and $1 for children below 6 years old. Each boat also features a snack bar and restroom for your convenience.

    Look into the variety of Grand Tours offered by Apostle Islands Cruise Service. The narrated scenic tours cover 55 miles and last from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. You’ll cruise past sea caves, historic lighthouses, breathtaking scenery, and stunning rock formations.

    You can reserve your tickets online or call 800-323-7619. Visit their office at 2 North Front Street, Bayfield WI.

  2. Madeline Island Ferry Line

    The ferry provides a quick 25-minute trip from LaPointe to Bayfield while giving you Instagrammable views of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. You can also bring your bike or car along. Madeline Island happens to be the largest of the Apostle Islands and is rich in culture and history, being the home of the Ojibwe people hundreds of years ago.

    The current round-trip rates start at $7 for children 11 years old and below and $14 for those 12 years old and up. Cargo trailers are charged $36 while rates for bicycles go for as low as $7. If your priority is to quickly get from one place to another while taking a few snaps along the way, then this is the tour for you.

    To book a ride, contact them online or call 715-747-2051. You can also drop by Bayfield Terminal, 20 Washington Avenue Bayfield, WI.

  3. Good Earth Outfitters, LLC

    Explore what the Apostle Islands have to offer via Good Earth’s tour packages. The Mainland Sea Caves Powerboat Tour goes straight to the caves, while the Island Adventure Tour is recommended for those who want to go island hopping. The Private Sunset Tour, on the other hand, is designed for couples who don’t fancy crowds and are ready for a romantic evening.

    The duration of the tours ranges from 90 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the package selected. Tour rates are from $60-$120 per person. The Gift Shop also sells kayaking supplies for boating aficionados plus artisan jewelry and Minnetonka moccasins if you want to bring home souvenirs.

    For bookings, you may reserve a slot online or call 715-742-3910. You can also visit them at 22670 Siskiwit Bay Parkway, Cornucopia WI.

If you’re looking for a home in the Bayfield and South Shore areas of Wisconsin, explore the website to check out your options. For inquiries, call Windseeker Realty LLC at (715)779-5000 or email Agent(at)WindseekerRealty(dotted)com.

Know Before You Go: Planning Your First Hike

ocean view

Wisconsin may be best known as America’s Dairyland, but it has so much more to offer.

In the Bayfield area alone, there are over 30 revitalizing nature trails. From the picturesque route of the Iron Bridge Nature Hiking Trail, which is under a mile, to the three-mile railroad path called the Brownstone Trail, there’s a beaten path for every type of adventurer to explore.

There are more than 50 miles of trails to explore on Apostle Islands. On Oak Island – the highest point among all of the islands on the National Lakeshore at 1,081 feet above sea level – meander through 11.5 miles of maintained hiking trails. Depending on which of the five authorized trails you choose to trek, you’ll find yourself on secluded beaches, campsites, a sandspit, a ravine, and a 200-foot-high overlook that gives you a view of all 10 islands. Remember to stay on the established trails for safety and to avoid trampling on fragile plants. Learn more about hiking on Oak Island here.

On Stockton Island, 14 miles of trails lead you to the diversity of the island’s sandy areas. The 0.4-mile Julian Bay Trail leads to Julian Beach, where the sand literally squeaks underfoot. The 2.8-mile Tombolo Trail passes through the namesake landform, a bridge of sand that connects the island to Presque Isle Point. Four other trails bring hikers to an abandoned quarry, an old logging camp, and through forest and bog teeming with a wide variety of plant life. Read more about the attractions of Stockton Island here.

If you’d like to bring your dog along on any of these hiking trails, check out the leash laws of the island you’re visiting and whether the water taxi you’ll be taking to the island will allow your pet aboard.

On Meyers Beach, the 4.6-mile Sea Cave hiking trail is one of the best-loved on the mainland, the land equivalent of the Sea Cave Paddling Trail. The hiking trail is popular for its beauty, all-season accessibility, well-maintained trails, and breathtaking views. In the winter, the sight of the frozen sea caves on Lake Superior is nothing short of spectacular.

Just remember that this kind of outdoor activity is best given time and preparation so you can truly enjoy the experience.

Follow our tips for a laidback hike that will put your mind at ease.

  1. Condition your body

    Stretch and exercise as if you’re training for a fun run. Expect a lot of inclines that will require great stamina and stronger joints.

  2. Train in hydration

    Guzzling down water while you’re already hiking will not help satiate your thirst. A few weeks before the hike, prepare your hydration technique by increasing the intake of water in the body. In other words, get used to drinking more water than usual.

  3. Check the weather

    You wouldn’t want the weather to rain on your hiking parade so always check the reports. If the Bayfield weather starts getting very damp, then don’t be afraid to reschedule rather than risk your own wellbeing.

  4. Stock up on snacks

    Bring along snacks that keep you going. Nibble on trail mix, granola bars, sandwiches, and energy-rich food.

  5. Find your ideal route

    Practice first on one of your local nature trails. If you can, find a route that’s similar in distance and terrain as the Bayfield version. This is also an opportunity to test your endurance.

  6. Prep your hiking gear

    For starters, you may want to invest in a durable backpack, which can cushion and break your fall. Wear layers that you can easily peel off if the weather turns warm or once you begin to perspire. Don’t forget to wear thin socks to avoid blisters.

  7. Think of safety first

    Even the most careful person might encounter a problem during a hike. Stay vigilant and bring your first aid kit along.Also bring surgical wraps in order to deal with the onset of blisters and wounds.

  8. Protect yourself from the elements

    Apply sunscreen whether or not it’s sunny in Bayfield. Always remember to reapply throughout the day, more frequently if you sweat a lot.

  9. Clean as you go

    The hiking trails belong to everyone and to the next generations – they should be treated with respect. Bring a small garbage bag to stash your trash in until you can properly dispose of it when you return to town.

  10. Go with a hiking buddy

    Never venture out to hike alone without informing someone of your whereabouts. It would be better if you could ask a friend to accompany you on your first trail. Not only will you feel safer but it will provide bonding time with your buddy.

If you’re looking for a home in the Bayfield and South Shore areas of Wisconsin, explore the website to check out your options. For inquiries, call Windseeker Realty LLC at (715)779-5000 or email Agent(at)WindseekerRealty(dotted)com.

Boosting the Value of Your Home on a Budget

Prior to listing your home, a few simple, budget-friendly tips can help increase your property’s value. Consider the following inexpensive suggestions if you are looking to improve your home’s appeal quickly and easily.

  1. Deep Clean

    You want potential buyers to view a clean, well-maintained home. Consider performing a top-to-bottom scrub to ensure your home makes a great impression.

  2. Boost Curb Appeal

    Overgrown bushes and grass can be a deterrent to potential buyers. Be sure the lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and consider hiring a landscaping service to freshen things up or add native plants and trees.

  3. Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

    While you can’t increase the square footage of your home, you can make it feel larger overall with the right tricks. Bright, sunny rooms feel more airy and open, so consider replacing heavy drapes with shutters, sheer curtains, or vertical blinds. Also, keep your home as clutter-free as possible. Storage bins or shelving can help keep things organized and out of the way.

  4. Update and Replace

    Dated finishes such as popcorn ceilings, old lighting fixtures, broken ceiling fans, or wallpaper can turn buyers away. Updating these features an instantly add value to your home and increase your chance of selling it.

  5. Go Energy-Efficient

    Buyers are especially interested in energy-efficient updates as these can lead to significant savings over the long term. The majority of utility companies offer free energy audits to help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The right tips and updates can help increase your home’s value and ensure a faster sale. Although the process can feel overwhelming, we enjoy helping our sellers through every step of the selling process. We are always happy to answer any questions about selling your home or how the market is doing. Give us a call or send us an email today – we’d love to hear from you!